5 vials x 2 mg

  • Stimulation of muscle growth

  • Creation of new muscle fibers

  • Increased muscle recovery

  • Promotes nitrogen retention

MGFMAX (PEG-MGF) or pegylated mechanotherapy growth factor, is a peptide mainly used for recovery after exercise. It is known to repair damaged muscle tissue much better than IGF-1. The PEG-MGF peptide has also been shown to help the growth of satellite cells close to the damaged muscle tissue, acting as a substitute as if they were themselves cells of the damaged muscle.
This also means that PEG-MGF is able to help create new cells close to damaged muscle tissue while helping the muscles grow. This also means that it is possible for it to help create new muscle tissue while recovering existing muscle. MGFMAX is a variant of IGF-1 for this purpose, and is recognized as the peptide that gives the possibility of superior growth of adult muscles, even if they are genetically not constructed in a favorable way for this.



Muscle Gain
Side effect


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